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The Merry Widow cocktail

This fancy Martini is much more than just gin and vermouth, but a perfect combination of tastes and flavours. Like many other cocktails, this drink took its name after a popular Broadway theatre operetta piece from the earlier nineteenth century. Enthiusiasts can go overboard and use exotic products like Peychaud's bitters, Pernod or Benedictine, but the normal versions would do as well. you can also adjust the ratio of gin to vermouth a litte bitbut this should be kept within small limits.

the merry widow


1 oz Dubonnet

1 oz Dry Vermouth

Dash of Orange Bitters

Mixing method:

Shake ingredients well and strain into a cocktail glass. Other variants of this cocktail may use Cherry Brandy and Maraschino Liqueur instead of Dubonnet and Vermouth.

Best garnished with a lemon twist.

This particular cocktail falls under the Alcoholic category.