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Strawberry Martini recipe

To make this strawberry martini put the martini glasses in the freezer for at least half an hour. Then put some dry vermouth and tuck in the strawberries at the bottom. Strain the cocktail of gin, vodka and squashed strawberries on top.

strawberry martini cocktail recipes


2 oz Vodka

2 tsp Dry Vermouth

1 tsp Grenadine

Mixing method:

Shake the Vodka and the Vermouth together well. Strain into a martini glass, add the Grenadine and stir.

Most like to frost the rim of the glass with sugar, very much like with the margaritas but using a cut strawberry instead of a lime. Drop a strawberry inside the glass instead of an olive like with the other martinis.

vodka martini cocktail with strawberry flavour

This particular cocktail falls under the Alcoholic category.