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Chilly Tomato

Spicy tomato cocktail with tobasco and spicy sauce. Surprisingly ideal for cocktails, tomatoes are brightly coloured and vividly flavoured. This great tomato cocktail recipe delivers the right treat for a festive occasion.

tomato cocktail non-alcoholic


6 oz Tomato Juice

Dash of Tabasco Sauce

Dash of Worchestershire Sauce

1 Red Chilly Pepper

Mixing method:

Juice the Tomato and the Red Chilly Pepper, blend well and pour into a glass over ice. Add Worchestershire and Tabasco Sauce and stir.

One can decorate this spicy cocktail with a lime slice, a chilly pepper and a mint leaf.

spicy tomatoe cocktail for children

This particular cocktail falls under the Juices category.